The Fothergills are a creative bunch. True, we didn’t have any of our presents wrapped before Christmas eve (we had bought them by then though this year!), and we didn’t get around to making the Christmas cake itself (but thanks for all the messages from people telling me about making theirs in October! I’m impressed!), and our decorations and meal are in fact relatively modest. Instead we have a tendency to disappear into whatever projects happen to inspire us each year… there are doors with ‘no entry’ signs on, and strange sounds coming out of studios all around the house, late into the night.

This year, on the first day of Christmas I present to you… The Legend of Babushka! A few years ago Henry & our good friend Chloe made this incredible little animated Christmas story. And just for fun, this year my Christmas cake-decorating was inspired by the Babushka story.

Happy Christmas from Fothergills Inc.!

And Truffle says hurry up and get off the computer, I’m excited about presents…

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