This is me, trying to sneak up on my new blog. I’ve been doing this all afternoon, without realising. By about midday I had finally got to a near-finishing stage with the blog, a layout I liked, and I think there was a hint of the sinking feeling that arrives with the design stage being over and the content stage beginning.

A blog is never really finished – there are always things to write about and gadgets/widgets/whatever-they’re-called to play with. However, once the design stage is over I usually tend to lose interest and I go around the house writing blog posts in my head, drinking tea, staring at the rain out of the window, taking pictures, cutting potatoes up to make chips, that sort of thing.

What is interesting, is that I feel the need to justify why I have created yet another blog for myself – but the thing is, when I think about the number of redesigns I have done for my own personal website since, well, the age of 13 when I was just getting into web design (I’m now 20) it’s actually quite… embarassing? impressive? hilarious? Certainly, it can be a little disheartening starting again and again.

However, the sun has just come out after raining for about three days solidly. I think I’ll take this as a sign. I like reading good luck into life.

I also love the idea of blogging. So I’m going to really try and keep it up this time. Even though my inner critic says no one will read this and you won’t keep going and my inner neurotic says but what if I do carry on, and then someone actually does read this and thinks it’s ridiculous? and my inner Charlie says, heck, I’ll just do it anyway!

So that’s my introduction to my blog. Better go and check on the chips.

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