Homemade pasta

The t-shirt, check shirt, jumper and jeans I picked out to wear for the festival at the weekend ended up covered in chocolate, mud, straw, tea and mint sauce. But I can’t deny that this scruffy & well-loved attireΒ signals an amazing couple of days at a food festival! Yes… Seb & I made it to the local Big Feastival in Kingham – we had discounted tickets (about 20mins away from home), stunning blue sky, sunshine & colourful sunsets over the lovely Cotswold farm of local celebrity Alex James, and some very big names looking strange (to me) so real and close-up!! It even inspired me to make my own pasta! First, some pictures from the festival….

Jamie Oliver handing out spoils cooked from Trotters' reliant robin!
Jamie Oliver handing out spoils from the back of the Trotters Independent Trading Co. van from Only Fools & Horses!

Big Feastival 2012!

And me posing next to this fantastic little Reliant Robin! I get very excited about vintage cars. In a nerdy way. But not as excited as I get about…

Big Feastival 2012!

β™₯ …My Piaggio Van obsession. Love the logo of ‘Popup CafΓ©’ where “up” looks like a teacup! Do you know how close I came to buying one of these vans from eBay this summer? Hmm, probably best not to know!
Big Feastival 2012!

Here are the hilarious Gennaro & Jamie duo… quite mad after drinking a lot of wine backstage with some famous chefs! Their fish pasta & sauce recipe was really good! So I decided to give it a try & share the recipe (from memory, so not exact!)

Fresh Homemade Pasta in Salmon, White Wine Sauce
Pasta cooking
You need 100g pasta flour for each 1 egg. I mixed them together by hand in a bowl, and added a little white wine to bind it together. Then it’s just a few minutes of kneading and rolling out as thin as I could, before cutting it into strips!
Homemade pasta dish
The sauce consisted of heating up about 150ml olive oil, placing in some fish, green beans, sliced garlic, chilli, tomatoes & parsley, and adding about 350ml water (or some white wine too!). Cook the fish for about 5-7 mins on each side (I was cooking salmon).
Making pasta
Here is my little kneaded ball!

Homemade pasta!

Once cooked, I actually took out the salmon & reserved it for the next day’s cooking, and then used the sauce & vegetables as a pasta sauce. Absolutely delicious! And my pasta (which only needed about 2 mins in the pan with the sauce to cook) was pretty good for a first attempt. Amazing how little equipment you really need. Or rather, you really knead. Ahh… I’ll get back to cooking now!PS. In case you were wondering how I wound up covered from head to toe in mint sauce… it was one of those embarassing moments when you can’t get the lid off a jam jar, and then it comes off all of a sudden, and a huge splurge of runny, delicious-smelling, green, herb-flecked sauce manages to cover every item of clothing you’re wearing, right down to your slippers. I have weeks like this.

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