There are always going to be times when we all don’t feel quite like ourselves. Sometimes a day, sometimes longer. For a long time I have been wanting to put together a sort of scrapbook/art journal about the things that make me really feel myself. Today, I’m having a little rehab time, dreaming, writing, and I found a few pictures just to give myself this much-needed boost.

So here’s my little list (I love making lists some days, don’t you?):

I’m happiest when…

…I’m cooking!…I’m with my doglet

…I’m completely and utterly engrossed in something random.

…I’m on the beach! Or on holiday 🙂

…I’m living out my dreams (even if I do look like one of the Beatles..)

…I’m trying out unusual clothes and haircuts

…I’m dreaming about being an artist, including artsy clothes & a studio

…I’m outdoors

…I do something that I’m completely proud of.

I think we underestimate how essential these things are sometimes, compared to the “important” things like doing work, making money, getting “stuff” done, making sure we look good to other people.

What are the things that really make you feel yourself?

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