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It’s the middle of the week again already, and I’m terribly excited about going home! Just a few more days until I’m back in the kitchen making a mess with flour & chocolate, creating Christmas projects with glue & photos, and going on little adventures to Christmas events. For now, the food I have been cooking has been admittedly homely, perhaps as preparation. In actual fact, for a Spanish “New Years” party (a little early I know!) with the other teaching assistants from La Rochelle, we were asked to make something from our home country and bring it along.

Petite Potato Cakes

And so I made my ultimate comfort food: Bubble & Squeak. If you have never made this, it’s a delicious twist on potato cakes that is an especially good way to use up left-overs after Christmas. You need some mashed potato, and some cooked broccoli. You combine the two, add a little seasoning & butter/milk/egg if you want but the important thing is not to get your mixture too wet, since you want to be able to make little patties. Then take spoonfuls, roll in flour to make a ball, & pop into the frying pan and press down and cook on both sides until crisp. I think the trick is not to turn them too early, or they crumble a little.

Petite Potato Cakes

Admittedly, after throwing them together after my salsa class, putting them into boxes in my rucksack and cycling half an hour across town with them, they were neither in their best nor hottest state. But oh well. A little taste of home.

Petite Fish Pies

My friend Kelly & me also made some very simple but delicious open fish pies using the clever microwave “crisp” pan. All it called for was a piece of fish each, covered with cooked leeks & cream cheese on mine (I don’t ever go for the healthy option I admit!), topped with either pastry or grated potatoes, rosti-style. Or both! We even decorated them a little. Why not!

Also I have to draw your attention to the French version of Baked Beans, which I bought to go with my bubble & squeak cakes (sorry but they have to go together!) – they’re organic ones that come in a jar!

Baked Beans, the French way!
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