Frogs’ legs. They taste like chicken. Well…. THEY DO!! My Dad said “Ohhh, don’t tell me…” and I said to reply that ok, the meat is a little smaller. But in essence it’s just white meat really. Except that you fry it in a big pan of oil, garlic & parsley so that they’re practically swimming in it! I think I would eat almost anything drenched in garlic and parsley actually. Perhaps that’s why I love France so much.


My French friend was determined that I should try them before I leave… just to get the “full” French experience. So we cooked up a big French themed meal as our last afternoon of cooking together this year. For the main dish we made duck & potatoes, which were delicious.


Afterwards we had “beignets de camembert”… slices of this squidgy cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Oooooh yes. With salad of course. We wouldn’t want it to be too unhealthy.


And red wine… that’s good for you too. I think. So all in all a very healthy meal. Ha! And now to squeeze in as many activities for my final weekend here as possible! Just like I managed to squeeze in one last slice of camembert. It was painful though. But very good.
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