I have decided that this year would be a good time to start sharing a few projects from the past which I have never shared either at all, or properly on Forages & Finds (either due to them pre-dating this blog, or to my disorganised-ness!). The first one is actually relatively recent (well, 6 months ago… how did that happen??!), and you will have seen some snippets from the making of it.


However, I never got around to showing the finished article in more detail! Which is a shame, as this project, which turned into an illustrated concertina ‘book’ growing in a box is one that I’m really proud of.


I find it really hard to add colour to illustration, so really enjoyed this two-tone focused work with a few painted additional colours hinted.


The themes include ideas about dreaming, anxiety, jumbled words & thoughts, hands reaching out to find something, travel & movement, and it features a few of my favourite images – suitcases, typewriters and umbrellas!

The overwhelming response to this project, as well as positive comments, has been “it’s so… you!” I think is a satisfying compliment as, well, in an artistic sense are we not constantly searching for a way to be true to ourselves and find a style which reflects us? I think so.

So this year is a bit of a return to art for me, little by little, and meeting the school art teacher this week has given me another push to keep drawing here in La Rochelle. I look forward to sharing some of these latest drawings (there are quite a few now!) with you soon!

Exhibition 2011 Project
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