Rubik's Cube Tissue Box Cover

I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever completed, or even got very far, with a Rubik’s Cube. (Incidentally, nor have I been to one of those parties either where you where different coloured items of clothing and are supposed to come home wearing all one colour…) But I can imagine the satisfaction of doing one, after all I love a bit of organisation. Having finished editing the final assessed essay of my undergraduate degree today, I spent a much-needed hour sorting out the piles of papers and notes around the room, printing off others, and neatly filing them ready for the revision to start. The serious bit. Of course, it’s far too late to start anything too ambitious today. So instead I’ll tell you about the one type of Rubik’s cube that I have completed!

It started with this TV show… the Big Bang Theory. I noticed in a couple of episodes, tucked into a corner, was a fantastic tissue-box cover in the form of a Rubik’s cube! So I decided to make one. For Seb of course. Being a mathematician I frequently impose these sorts of things on him. He’s used to it.

Another project in progress... Something to do with a Rubik's cube...
This was made during my evenings at home in front of the tele… ahh bliss, crafty-project-land. I hand-sewed every square on with a blanket-stitch (hence their messiness!!) onto a black square. All the squared were cut from coloured felt. The middle piece however is two rectangles, and the central row of squares are only sewn half-on to allow the tissues an exit. Of course, it may be simpler to simply do an identical black square for the top piece and cut a slit in it after, but I didn’t want to buy another sheet and so it made sense to use the leftovers this way.
Rubik's Cube Tissue Box Cover
Tissue-box covers are another of those lost objects that have little place in the modern world. I suppose it’s because tissue-boxes are nowadays often covered with an attractive design already. But there’s nothing quite like having something so homemade and unique, don’t you think?
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