I find it quite interesting that France doesn’t really celebrate Halloween much, though I don’t find it surprising. After all, the French are protective of their culture and the notion of being infiltrated by the very silliest and most sugar-centric and commercialised ‘festivals’ is horror enough to most French people, before even considering its chilling theme.
However, I can’t help but like the English – or at least Cotswold – version of the festival. Over the weekend my family had one of their creative bursts – my parents bought about 4 large pumpkins and 2 baby ones – and we all sat down together to create something a bit fun. You can see that we all came up with quite different ideas. It was also Seb’s first time doing such a bizarre thing as carving up a vegetable and placing a candle inside!
I used a picture I found on the internet as inspiration and took a rather ambitious line as usual. The result was worth it though – owls always make lovely images. I broke two scalpel blades in the process though – oops! Actually I’ve had an insanely clumsy week again. I mean – more than usual. Every single liquid I’ve come into contact with, I have spilt. And I mean it. There was even a laptop involved. Anyways, moving swiftly on…
Seb didn’t start out with the conventional route of jagged-toothed faces (which is all I’ve ever really tried before now) and made a cool batman-inspired pumpkin.
Henry is always the most original, most baffling, most inspiring – he did a “Ghoules Verne” inspired ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ pumpkin, which looks like a kind of hot-air balloon! None of us guessed the pun, unfortunately, though.
Finally, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a couple of freaky faces, so here are my mum & dad’s fun “Jack-o-Lanterns”. I love the little munchkin pumpkins!
Not quite as elaborate as last year’s Zombie Cupcakes, but I’m enjoying the time I have to do little projects at the moment. Just back in La Rochelle today after coming back via Bordeaux, an exhausting day having been up since 4.20am. Mind you, I did discover one rather significant thing about Halloween-related events in France. 1st November – everything closes. Probably should have realised that one before I set out for the day in Bordeaux. Never mind, lots more to share this week as I went a little baking-mad over the weekend! Hope you had a fun Halloween.
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