I had to blog about the Fothergills & friends 2014 pumpkin carving effort… something we do every year at home with friends, soup & bread, spooky music & our artsy skills! This year’s array are all as good as ever… scary (and some not to scary!) faces, a witch’s cat & a haunted house. Well, technically it’s actually modeled on Chastleton House, where I work! Which is surely haunted anyway. Visitors have been enjoying it lit up in reception today.


Dom, as well as carving the largest pumpkin he could setΒ his hands on, also provided these fantastic colourful mocktails. Lemonade dyed with five different colours (I only caught a couple on camera before they were gone!), with raspberry flavoured glitter sugar rims and chocolate pieces that magically bounceΒ up and down inside. I have never seen this done before – what a fun Halloween drink! It had us bouncing off the walls with all the sugar… generally a traditional part ofΒ Halloween festivities it seems!


All you need to do is find yourself a pumpkin (or seven) in your preferred size, gather together some carving tools, friends, and spoons, and once you have scooped out the seeds and some of the flesh, you can start to carve!


Oh, and don’t forget the beer. Happy Halloween!

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