60th Wedding Cake

I can’t of course give you the recipe for a 60-year marriage… I may be good at cooking up some things but I that’s a little beyond me! Instead, I can share with you a few things I cooked for their 60th ‘Diamond’ Wedding party, and a few snaps!

60th Wedding

So here’s a little tour of the room where my Dad & his brothers and all their families helped out to create a big reunion! It was rather easy to find decorations, what with the Jubilee this year too… quite a ‘diamond’-themed year for us! You can see a fantastic display of pictures from 1900s to present of my Grandparents’ family… organised by decade. It’s so strange seeing such distant relatives in photos… my great-great grandfather looks just like Stephen Fry! Hilarious!
Homemade Battenburg!
Homemade Battenburg!

I cooked up a couple of battenburgs, I’m a little bit obsessed with them right now! Follow my recipe,Β which I posted the other day, if you want to learn… they’re actually quite easy to make! To make the “Peaches & Cream” version, omit the nuts & cocoa powder and instead use vanilla essence & colourings to get the pink & yellow colours, then mix some chopped peaches into your buttercream.
Party Food

The spread of food was all homemade… my mum & I spent the whole of Saturday cooking up savoury main dishes, and Dad’s brothers & their families brought other courses. It was certainly not a day for dieting!

Homemade Chutneys

Homemade Chutneys
In order not to tread on anyone’s toes in terms of cooking (it was very organised as to who-brings-what!) I decided to make some nice relishes to go with all the amazing breads & buffet food. They looked great presented in jam jars! Here are the easy peasy recipes for you…

Asparagus & Cannelini Bean Dip
In a food processor or with a masher, crush together, one 400g-tin of cannelini beans, 4 (or a small jar of) artichoke hearts, plus 2 tbsp oil from the jar, 2 tbsp chopped parsley, 1 crushed large garlic clove, grated zest & juice of 1/2 lemon, salt & black pepper.

Charlie’s Tartare Sauce
Choose your own quantities, but use half and half of mayonnaise & creme fraiche or sour cream, give it a really good squeeze of lemon, grind in lots of black pepper, add some chopped spring onions and capers if you like them!

Mango & Cucumber ChutneyΒ 
Combine 1/2 mango, 1/2 cucumber and a 1/2 red onion, all chopped finely, 1 green chilli (chopped & deseeded), 1 tbsp finely chopped mint, a squeeze of lemon… and season. This is my favourite ! πŸ™‚

Some recipes from www.bbcgoodfood.com
It was a tiring day, all that eating and talking. Truffle was remarkably well-behaved and enjoyed it a lot! I’m getting a bit obsessed recently with dips and battenburgs… I’ll share something new next time. Enjoy the recipes in the meantime! And hope you’re enjoying the new design too!
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