If I had known that Sainsbury’s sells Well-Being in its baking aisle, the last couple of weeks might have been a lot more manageable! As it is, it has been a typical run-up to “week 10” which involves to many essays, a lot of baked beans and takeaways and not enough exercise. Well, that’s the student life isn’t it? I know – you thought I wasn’t like that. But perhaps I can redeem myself slightly by revealing that I am in the process of boiling up something interesting in my cauldron which involves rhubarb…. but unfortunately I cannot reveal what, as it is a birthday present! So I look forward to sharing that with you. And was a bit miffed after spending about £7 on rhubarb in Sainsbury’s and then finding that it was reduced in Tescos today – where I didn’t even think they even sold it. I think that just about sums up my week really.
In the meantime, I will share a couple of my secret weapons which keep up my minimum quota of home-cooked comfort food in times of, well, knuckling down and actually doing some work.
Firstly: Lazy Banoffee pie. A few bananas, some digestive biscuits, a tin of Carnation caramel and a can of squirty cream. Just melt some butter and add to crushed up digestives and use to line a tin, and just bake for about 10 minutes. Then layer with your caramel, bananas and add squirty cream just before you eat it. And voila…. breakfast! Wait, did I say breakfast? Ahem…
My other comfort food is onion gravy. Technically its not as quick as instant gravy, but its easy and delicious and requires no recipe either. Just fry some onions, sprinkle in a bit of flour/cornflour, some stock, a glug of red wine and thicken up. Why is this and mashed potato soooo good?
I shall leave you with a brilliant bit of top-shelf naughtiness from Sainsbury’s in the breakfast section…. Adult Cereals. What on earth could this entail? Any ideas? Weetatits? Dorset Cereal’s Sultana and Cranberry Wild Oats? Crunchy nuts? Hmm, its harder than I thought 😛

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