The bridge to Ile-de-Re, France

Just two weeks left in La Rochelle. It’s time to share a few random but sweet experiences from the last week that are making the end of my stay here as wonderful as ever!

French cafes - Merling

Sooo much coffee shop time. I go to coffee shops/salons de thé/bars to catch up with friends, to discuss lesson & essay plans, when I need space to think, when I want to make plans in my notebook, to eat French pastries, read a letter I have received… actually I could probably go on forever. I can always find an excuse. And it is always a good thing, even if I go there when I’m not feeling so good one day I’m bound to come out feeling better & more inspired about life. That’s why I love cafe’s so much!

The cherry éclair.

The cherry éclair. Scandalous!! But when I spotted it, I just had to try it. And I will be honest… it tasted a little bit artificial… but I still enjoyed it! Boulangerie chain ‘La Mie Caline’ (I think) are doing a range of different flavours… I now want to go back & try the apricot version. Then when I’m home, I want to make my own flavours!

Being a tourist in Ile-de-Re

Being visited firstly by my parents, and then Seb a week later, was fantastic… it was so nice to have the fun of being a tourist again and discovering even more parts of the area, and yet being able to share all of my favourite parts that I know so well with other people! And avoiding getting lost or wasting too much time trying to find things.

Aperitif with friends

Dinner with friends. Usually I’m the one in the kitchen… and as much as I like cooking it was great to be cooked for by a friend! After a lovely mix of olives, sun-dried tomato pastries, poppadoms that we brought with us, and red wine for the aperitif, we had a coq-au-vin style chicken and then lemon & almond tart. What a treat!

I have some exciting plans coming up… tomorrow actually COOKING this time in the school kitchen, and some trips at the weekend. I will try and keep some updates, photos & drawings going up on the blog! For now… time to face the essay….

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