So around came the Fothergill family meet-up day as it does every year after Christmas. However, these days since there are so many of us (parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, great-grandchildren even!) we have generally given up assigning one person to cook to everybody, and instead pile off to the nearest country pub for a nice hearty meal, before doing the afternoon tea bit at someone’s house later. This year was our house …. again! Well, since we had just finished moving & redecorating our lovely little country house we didn’t mind that everyone wanted to visit.
Having been reunited with an oven – and a really good one at that – I was dying for excuses to bake. And, as both of my aunts are keen blog readers, I felt that I couldn’t disappoint! So I got up early and set about making both Brandy Snaps – from the wonderful new copy of “The Great British Bake-Off Cookbook” that my friend Holly gave me for my birthday – and Elderflower & Mango Biscuits (from the Cookie & Biscuit Bible). At the same time. Well, I mean it’s not as if brandy snaps are fiddly & timing is important right? Oh. Well, I managed! And actually I love that feeling of wrapping the hot brandy snap around a spoon handle! I dipped the ends in chocolate & chopped almonds afterwards. You know, they’re not as tricky as they seem.
Here’s a cookie inspired by something I learned at primary school. That’s right, I learnt some lifelong skills there! The reason these are “Humbug” biscuits is that I cut a hole in the centre, placed a humbug there before cooking, and it melts to give a sort of stained-glass-window effect. Genius, I know!
Here I am rather gleefully holding a “Pinkberry” ice-cream from the cafe in Westfield shopping centre, London, during my last few days in England with Seb. I’m missing it all so much already. Never mind, I have peanut butter & jam sandwiches tonight, feeling too ill & full of cold to prepare anything else. It’s some consolation I suppose. Roll on the summer… I’m going to go baking crazy when I get back for good in April!!
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