As I keep you in suspense for what is to come… for I confess I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and what started out as a simple idea for cake decoration has turned into Forages and Finds’ second video project and therefore cannot be released until it has reached utmost perfection (with much help from Henry & Co.)… it’s time to share a few bites from this week. Just some little kilo-bites – though I will hopefully post you the taster for this week’s mega-bite later!

I confess it has not been the most productive of weeks. With life diving from fast-paced uni speed, rushing here and there, squeezing in work, friends, cycling, societies… and then suddenly landing in the Cotswolds and immediately getting snowed in by exactly a foot of snow which meant that my only opportunities for outings consist of Londis and a couple of pubs, I also somewhere lost a bit of motivation and found myself sleeping. A lot. Still, excuse for not getting any Christmas shopping done I suppose! But I’m eagerly awaiting the snowdrift which currently encases the Smart Car melting and hopefully getting a bit of energy back.

The day the snow arrived was my birthday, and I wanted to share a picture of the lovely assortment of cards and things which made it a special year (despite everyone insisting of reminding me of my age), despite the fact that my friends couldn’t arrive due to snow.


The card is fantastic: a Chris Fothergill special. Have a closer look!


Brilliant or what!

You also may have noticed a certain book of a certain genre. Well… I did ask for recipe books for Christmas mainly, as I hardly really have any of my own, and River Cottage appeals to my country bumpkin side. The first recipe I decided to try from it today, is a simple yet delicious treat which I haven’t had for years: ‘Drop Scones’


Also known as Welsh Cakes, and Scotch Pancakes. What do you call them? I’m not entirely sure what I know them as now…

You can find the recipe here: http://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/drop-scones/
And I thought I’d share my top tips for the perfect little pancakes, or whatever they are:

  • Regrease the pan by wiping the inside with oiled kitchen roll in between every single batch – this gives them the best texture
  • Don’t use too much oil, or you get deep-fried pancakes
  • Sprinkle on some dried fruit just after you spoon the batter into the pan… yum!
  • If they stick together, flip them as a whole and then try and separate them – it’s much easier!

And then you have the most important decision to make – what do you like to eat yours with? My favourite is lemon and sugar, but Henry went for a stack of them with Nutella and maple syrup, whereas my mum reaches for the cream…



Sometimes simple recipes are the best. Ooh I just had an idea – I wonder if Blogger will let me create a little poll on your favourite pancake toppings? In the meantime, I will leave you with the wisdom of the apron my friend Amy bought me, which is worryingly appropriate, especially after yesterday evening…


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