Today I feel...'Cove' set

To continue my budget interior design mission, had a trip to the house and to a certain endroit named Ikea yesterday in Coventry. Oh, how I adore Ikea! Some people find it a maze-like hell, but to me it’s an inspired collection of beautifully designed and coordinated ideas. Also, a cup of tea is 40p, including a free refill. And I’m within…. cycling…. distance next year, hmmm…Which brings me onto the next mission. Mission bicycle. I have a little money while I have a job still, which is perfect for stocking up on stationery, books and bits from Ikea such as a noticeboard, little laptop table and shed-loads of Tupperware, plus a the new duvet set, above, which is soo cute and called ‘Cove’. Perfect! And only £10.99 from Amazon. Hooray! Unfortunately, when term commences, the loan this year is…. well…. so I’ve come up with a couple of solutions.

One: Bicycle. A bus pass just isn’t on the radar at all this year. But Google tells me I’m only a few miles from campus, and I have a second-hand bicycle which has been hanging about in the garage a while. So next trip : Halfords – for helmet, paniers etc. Who knows, perhaps I’ll get a bit fitter?

Two: mission downsize. A smaller room, less rent. More peace of mind (a.k.a…. weekly food budget).

Three: Mysterious food-related, money-making enterprise. Watch this space.

Little Pear Sablé Biscuits, mark 2
Little Pear Sablé Biscuits, mark 2
My little pear sablé biscuits, mark 2 – an update for you. They came out really nicely. But they still don’t taste of pear. My conclusion is that pear is too subtle to manage without the help of concentrated flavouring. However, this is not necessarily impossible. Mark 3 coming soon!

Anthropologie - Cubby hole bed

Finally I couldn’t help but share this gorgggeous ‘Cubby hole bed’ from my favourite store which I have yet to buy anything from… Anthropologie. Like Ikea, I love their way of putting together a room that looks lived in and chic. I have always dreamt of having a bed that is like this… tucked away, or a four-poster, or some sort of private space. Space. So important to me.

La-33 Bye Bye

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