It’s time I dedicated a post every now and again to the prolific creativity of my fantastic family. They, after all, are responsible for my creative obsession, talent and drive. I certainly miss being in an environment where ideas bounce off every surface, jokes & references are continually made to classic films & quirky discoveries and trains of thought are followed through conversations to become elaborate plans, scripts, designs and usually end in peals of laughter and an over-excited little dog jumping about.

Fothergill Film | The Legend of Babushka (Animation)

The first, recent creation I want to focus on, I cannot emphasise enough my admiration for. My brother Henry is following a path towards film making & directing, and has just finished a project he has been working on for several years in collaboration with a story-teller, Chloe (of the Midnight Storytellers). The influences that I know that lie behind so much work span from the Belleville Rendez-vous, Jan Svankmajer, The Science of Sleep, and many many more sources. He will be starting a course in Film Production & Cinematography next year, and I just can’t wait to see what he produces! For now, I’m blown away by the beauty of this.

Fothergills Inc | Mum & Grandmothers’ Cotswolds Gardening Project…

So back in the beautiful (but misty, cold & wet too I’m sure at this time of year) Cotswold hills, some creations have been under way. My mother has revived a blog that we created to record some of our fun family collaborations which we entitled “Fothergills Inc.” to follow her progress transforming the garden in our new house from over-grown, rubbish-filled, eclectic madness to country cottage garden, with allotment, swingseat, garden-house and a perfect array of plants & apple trees. I’m so impressed at her patio, allotment, and raised swing-seat area skills, all built so far by hand from re-used items found littered around the place.

She has even forayed into little drawings of the birds on our feeder, since we adore wildlife and all things country. What a lovely thing to be able to sit in your office and watch birds outside darting around under the apple tree! So make sure you stop by on Fothergills Inc!

Charlie’s La Rochelle Project
Drawing Wall
I have to admit that my La Rochelle art project is barely under way, but thought you might appreciate seeing the drawings I have done so far. Unfortunately I haven’t been drawing recently, partly due to lots of little adventures & travels with friends, and partly because my favourite pen has run out. However, there are lots of journal pages you have not yet seen, so I will be sure to devote another post to those too!
Now I really am counting down the days until Christmas, when I can get cake-making! Aha, my favourite thing of all to do! And I have some exciting little plans, though am probably most looking forward to the fire & silliness of the Fothergills all being together again.
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