Suitcase Spillages

It’s that back-from-holiday feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself. I’ve unpacked, changed the bedsheets, tidied my room up, even went and had a nice haircut, and am now snuggled into a fresh, clean room with a dog lying on my feet, staring hopefully a bag of crisps. But I’m inevitably left with the feeling of having to face the real world again, as if I’ve been away for a long time. Not that facing the world is a bad thing right now. I’m more surprised by the fact that often on holiday it takes a while to shake off everyday thoughts and concerns, but from the moment I set foot in Carcassonne nothing else existed but Serena, me and our adventures. That can only be a good thing.

I will share some drawings and am hoping to carry on working on artwork inspired by the region at some point, but first felt like drawing something which brought me rather quickly back down to earth on my return. I’m not sure I’ve ever had quite so many things leak in my suitcase. Here are some doodles which cannot convey to you the smell of these combined leakages, which fortunately were all sensibly contained (just in case) and did not reach any of my beloved summer clothes. ‘Vape derm’, a herbal after-bite stick, made it actually quite hard to breathe for a couple of minutes after sniffing the bag into which it had leaked. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination.

Finally, in my post-holiday sluggish mood earlier, I was browsing through replays of cookery programmes and stumbled across “Jamies does… the French Pyrenees” – a lovely reminder of French life, markets, and above all… cooking, taking me straight back to the cobbled streets and fabulous slow, southern French way of life. And incidentally, I now have decided to add to my future home’s miniature animal herd, a pig… for truffling.

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