13818056775_6d554b0694_z ‘Would you like a drink that vaguely resembles a cappuccino, vaguely resembles a latte, or vaguely resembles an americano?’ is an offer I tempted my friends with the other day. This is roughly where I’m at with my commercial coffee machine which will, eventually, go in the back of the traveller van. Here is the lovely retro-looking, if rather heavy and temperamental, Brasilia Portofino…13599405644_41091f015f_zThis morning’s vaguely cappuccino-like beverage was not bad, partly thanks to the Cotswold Coffee Company blend that I’m trying out. 13818075943_37e3e09c5f_zI moan a little about working weekends sometimes, but since I don’t start until midday I actually have the perfect opportunity to spend the more & more often sunny mornings making coffee, getting on with emails and little tasks, and making myself interesting brunches.13818365384_96cb5d689f_zMy Sunday brunch today isn’t hugely complicated, but enormously satisfying (and will power me through the afternoon at work hopefully!). Scrambled eggs with goat’s cheese, salad with olive oil & balsamic and some ham & black pepper. Making interesting brunches on a regular basis is going to be my new cooking goal, since I work 12-5 and need something substantial to keep me going, and Sophie Dahl‘s book is full of interesting & simple breakfasts, so a good place to start. All you need is some lazy Sunday morning music, and you’re sorted.

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