Got some work done, now having a relaxed, sorting-out sunday, and then came across this and though it was definitely worth sharing. I adore themes, as you know, and a while ago had the sudden inspiration to try and find song titles which could be altered to contain food items. Some of them are real gems, but the one which triggered it off, a.k.a. ‘stand by your flan’ has to be the run-away-winner.


This week I have eaten far too many spaghetti hoops, and a lot too much mashed potato. Fortunately however, there has been the odd other item on the menu – above is a Potato and Cauliflower Curry (with a few bits of courgette added in) – just a cheap, yummy and really easy mid-week meal.


More interesting however, are the results of an evening of bhaji-making last night with Seb! Terrified though I was to attempt deep-frying in a rented kitchen, the results were worth it. (In fact, any sort of deep-fried vegetable is worth it in my mind!)


(Not sure what Flickr is doing to my photos at the moment, perhaps it’s trying to eat them?!)

We didn’t have any chillis, but perhaps this is a good thing since Seb’s capacity for chilli takes spice to a whole new level! The techique we learned from an entertaining video involving Jamie Oliver and Chris Moyles making bhajis… which was surprisingly informative! Link


And finally, and very excitingly (and already from a couple of weeks ago… how is time going so fast?!) the new Warwick Student Arts Publication (Issue 8) … the cover of which was designed by moi! It is filled with student creative writing, and some postcards with interesting photos on, and the little launch evening hosted cakes and poetry reading… both of which were surprisingly good! (I find poetry reading more hit-and-miss than cakes sometimes).

More of my time is currently spent doing art than has been the case in a while – 4 hours every Tuesday morning… absolute happiness! And finally we’re starting to push the projects in our own directions. I will soon share with you a few scraps from my sketchbook, but right now I’m tapping away on my new netbook which is currently devoid of all my photos. A lot of what I’m currently doing is trying to catch ideas. And to not let time slip through my fingers…

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