Sticky toffee puddings have for a while now been my most frequently requested (admittedly mostly by guys) dish, so I thought it would be worth trying out this ‘quick sticky toffee pudding’ recipe I came across in my monthly food magazine.

I’m a real advocate of using leftovers, and the BBC Good Food website is my encyclopaedia of what to do with leftover ingredients. However, there is another motive for trying this recipe – it’s perfect for people who have ‘no time’ to bake, as it’s probably quicker than popping out to the shops to buy a sticky toffee pudding.

All it takes is a few chocolate muffins, or in my case chocolate brownies, which are getting a bit stale and need using up. You add some sultanas, and then pour over a mix of melted butter, light brown sugar and cream. Then you bake it for a few minutes until it’s bubbly, and finally add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Very simple! And also extremely sweet, which in most people’s books is a very good thing. However, next time I think I may choose a slight variation which creeps in the direction of more traditional sticky toffee puddings. Instead of sultanas I think you could chop up a couple of sticky dates, and when making the sauce perhaps add a few drops of coffee essence – or real coffee for that matter. What I’m pleased with most of all I think, is how perfect my new little French bowls are for this!

But for now, it’s the perfect combination of a hot, chocolately, melt-in-mouth mix with cold, vanilla ice-cream. Just right for a rainy evening.

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