Austin outing!
I spent a delightful weekend bumbling around the Cotswolds with my family, and we stumbled across a few funny things I thought were worth sharing! Above you can see a huge line of vintage Austin cars (possibly Austin 7’s?) parked at the Rollright stones. We stopped to take a photo, apparently it was a girl’s trip… how fun. We just dream of vintage cars, I’m totally besotted!
Barnsley Open Gardens Day

Then there is this terrible twosome. The Queen of Hearts & another vampy accomplice, stomping around Barnsley Open Gardens day terrorising the guests. Looked like so much fun, they were completely hilarious and insulting everyone left, right and centre!

Barnsley Open Gardens
Here is a snap from the gardens which were amazing – I’m hopeless at gardening, but these were so relaxing to browse around. Quite astonishingly, it was a sunny day too!

Chloe's Candlesticks

Here’s a DIY project undertaken by my friend Chloe, revamping a couple of old candlestick holders. She decided to bling them up a little with bits of jewelry. So colourful and inspiring! And very tasteless and bling, just the way she intended.

Wall Cabinet, Thrifted

I found my own project inspiration in an antiques shop. I really liked the shape of this wall cabinet – completely perfect for my make-up, creams, body sprays, etc. that had been residing unsorted in a basket in my room. Definitely needed something doing about that weird colour and the tulips… check back soon for what I did with it!
Boris the Corgi

Finally, meet Boris the Corgi, namedΒ after Boris Johnson. “Well…. don’t they look similar!” exclaimed the owner. “Um…” we all looked at each other. There was definitely something there, I suppose.

*This is post number 200, how exciting! I’m planning a little give-away later this week, just putting together some little plans & getting handmade inspiration. Also, working on a redesign, with some better features soon! Thanks for reading thus far πŸ™‚

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