Stumbling across things

Just in case you had forgotten what La Rochelle looked like already… I’m sharing some more of my findings!  Even during the wintry cold snap that has finally hit, there are plenty of corners to be explored, beautiful historical places, cosy cafes, and an astounding frequency of sunny afternoons!

A little cloister

The first two images are from this little cloister, right in the town centre, but tucked into a side-street. I find something inexplicably beautiful about cloisters. Perhaps it’s the calm. I would so love to design my own house, inspired by a cloister. Wow, wouldn’t that be quite amazing?!
Shutter Clips
Shutter Clips
These are rather quirky. I think they hold the shutters open on some windows, so they’re actually really tiny, but caught my eye. What strange and forgotten characters, watching the world go by every day!
Le lac
I walk past this lake every time I go into town, and I love how calm it is. Something draws humans to water, but I’m never quite sure what it is. On this particular day, the light was that low winter sun you get at this time of year only, and the reflections were perfect and still.
Reflections in the lake
A rather odd thing that happened this week was…
A cat invasion!
Confused about said cat invasion
… being invaded by a cat! It turned up and decided to spend the evening with me. It was very pretty and everything but just… not a dog. A random companion for the evening was still welcomed however!
Le Couscousserie
Finally, I have eaten out quite a few times recently, still in the habit of avoiding the kitchen I have rather sadly been assigned this year. My friend Kelly & I tried out a restaurant called the “Couscousserie” which I have been wanting to eat at for ages! Its a sweet little Moroccan place, with seating in the basement downstairs. Definitely not going to be a one-off visit. Very glad to have a couple of days to relax by myself right now, and planning a little more cooking this week – including a very exciting “English”-themed 3 course meal a French friend & I are planning to surprise her husband!
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