I definitely love the feeling of living in and getting to know, bit by bit, a foreign town. In particular, a town which is so full of sweet little independent shops, quirky cafes, random events and amazing scenery! So here are a few of my latest discoveries. Oh, and the pictures are snapped on my phone’s Sony Cybershot – since I really like the pictures it takes!

I’m a big fan of traditions. Inventing them, especially! Now I have a little tradition of going to the small Friday-night market and having my new favourite treat: crème de marrons crepe!
Alongside the usual demands from French insurance companies for more paperwork, I stumbled across some rather lovely post in my pigeon-hole this week! Which included letters, an advent calendar (on which I admit, I’ll probably be counting down until I get to go home!) and a sweet Truffle-like finger puppet!! Speaking of Truffle, is this not the cutest thing ever:
She heard my voice on Skype when I was talking to my family… and brought me a toy! Her favourite ever toy: the blue “fluffy thing”. Apparently she actually recognises the Skype sign-in noise now! Poor creature. Life is so confusing for her.
Nom Combo
As ever, my stumble-list, or perhaps I should say foraging list, includes more food. Around mid-week I wandered into town and decided that I really fancied soup, but had no idea where I could find some. Luckily I discovered a little place which did me vegetable soup, a basket-full of croutons, a little dish of cheese & pot of crème fraiche for 5 euros. Also, does this menu du jour say “Nom aux legumes” at the top? I really hope so!
View combo
I also happened across some beautiful views of the towers. It’s still a novelty to me, living by the sea, and I see stunning views almost every day. Today in fact it is very densely foggy, but that has its own charm in a way and I may go and see what the beach looks like in fog if I get time later. The second photo above is the view from inside the “Mediatheque” (library). I definitely intend to sit in this chair with some books on Magritte at some point! Getting a library card is on my to-do list this weekend, as is buying a duvet to make my room a little comfier. Which reminds me, at the supermarket this morning I found the most awesome thing ever:
Chocolate snails/ ‘escargots’! Never mind wall-to-wall Lindt chocolate, this is what people are getting from me this Christmas… tehe…
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