I was putting together a post with some things that have inspired me in the last week or so, and decided that it had been too long since I pulled out a sketchbook and had a doodle! So I used my “picks of the week” to make a crazy couple of pages of paint, printouts and doodles. It’s quite a good way to journal if you’re stuck for ideas! I’ve mostly been collecting design inspiration this week…

So here’s what you can see on the pages which have been inspiring me this week. Firstly, The Brothers Bloom is a film, one of my absolute favourites, which I finally encouraged Seb to watch with me! It’s clever, it’s cool, it’s quirky (the female characters are brilliant!) and it has a fantastic soundtrack. I’m currently learning “Penelope’s Theme” on the piano! (music from here)

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I’m also, speaking of films, really exccited about the Life of Pi coming out in November! It looks like big budget stuff, but rather beautifully put together. Plus, I just like the watercolour artsy style of the webpage.

A couple of weeks ago I attended my friend Elaine’s Graphic Design graduate exhibition, “Take Shape 2012″. We also went to the illustration exhibition. It was a fun day, and great to have a long-awaited catch-up. Her website:

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Did everyone watch the Olympic opening ceremony? I think it was fantastic, especially the costume design! (And Rowan Atkinson’s appearance of course!!). What was your favourite part? Here are a few of mine!
27d95-olympic_ceremony_bowie 00b08-opening_ceremony_reflection e87f7-opening_ceremony_marypoppins 68648-olympic-ceremony_rowanatkinson c8c14-opening_ceremonies_olympics_0cf6a
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I heard this piece of music on an advert on television and looked it up… I’m always doing this when I hear music in shops or in films! It’s a pretty cover version of “Stand By Me” by Olivia Svensson, give it a listen!

It always makes me happy to doodle in my journal! What has been inspiring you this week?

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