Baking box tidying
I was having a catch-up the other day with my friend Elaine (who has a fantastic portfolio now by the way! So good at graphic design it puts my site to shame…) and I said that for my first couple of days at home I was just taking it easy and not really doing anything apart from watching a bit of TV and relaxing. Her reply was along the lines of “I bet you were bored out of your mind… why don’t you go and find some tidying up to do or something?” She might have said it in a more friendly way actually, but to be honest she’s right – I loitered and moped around for several days until I was able to go back to uni and get all my stuff for the summer. And guess what the first thing is I find myself doing?
Baking box reorganisation!
I’ll give you a clue. I just desperately ran into Londis, sneezing and snivelling, grabbing the nearest dust-allergy relief I could get my hands on. I can’t help myself. Too much stuff annoys me. And I have much. too. much. stuff. Do you remember this fabulous cantilevered sewing box which I have converted into a beautiful baking storage solution? It features in my lovely Amelie-style “Cake in 6 Minutes” film from last summer. Doesn’t it look so satisfyingly neat and tidy? Hehe.
Baking box tidying
Speaking of film-making, my apple & custard crumble bars are going to make a reappearance very soon in the form of forages & find’s first of a new feature…
Making apple & custard bars
I enlisted the help of a brother of mine, who will soon be film-making at university, to catch the process of this particular episode of baking. Tonight I’m going to start cobbling it together, as I want to start sharing some sweet little snippets of baking to music over the next year, just for fun! I can’t wait to finish it.
Art cupboard...

I also made a start at unpacking all of my uni stuff, and there’s a huge amount, into my room while trying to get rid of as much as possible since I may have to re-pack it all away again if we move house (dear someone… please buy our house! we have found a really cool new one. actually wait, considering the year-abroad paperwork, maybe it’s best if you don’t!). Here are my neat-and-tidy shelves, holding books & art materials. I’m such a hoarder.

Oh, and since I got a bit addicted to the whole before-and-after thing, I thought I’d share this cute picture of Truffle who had an exciting day ‘helping’ us load the car from my uni house, and then visiting my grandma who has a new and very exciting stair-lift, which we had to try out. In fact, if you click the picture, you can watch the clip! Stay tuned for my baking film now…
Truffle's tiring day!
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