It was becoming increasingly clear to me after writing my previous post that tonight would really be the optimum time to try out this new Turkish Delight recipe. Not least due to it being gelatine-free, to the preference of several close friends.

But as I gazed down at the list of ingredients, it struck me that Cream of Tartar is one of those elusive substances that was bound to be out-of-date in our cupboard. And guess what? I reach up into my baking shelf… and when I say up I mean this is the view from where I’m standing…


Whose idea was that anyway?

Fortunately, to the front of the shelf I grasp a pot of Cream of Tartar but the packaging and, subsequently, the best by date dampens my enthusiasm. Apr 97.



That means that when we moved into this house, the pot was already three years out of date. It also means that I was seven years old when it went out of date!

So I pondered over my dinner whether it would a) work or b) cause damage to your internal organs to use 13 year-out-of-date Cream of Tartar, and then decided to get on a chair and have a proper look in the cupboard, just as a last resort. And what did I find? Another pot! And only one year out of date this time! It’s probably a little worrying how excited I got about this.


But I had not yet descended from my chair when I caught a glimpse of another, black tub at the back of the cupboard. Surely. It couldn’t be… another one?


And yet there it was. Best before Jan 2011. If I reached any further, perhaps I would have fallen into a sort of Narnia-Baking-Wonderland-rabbit-hole. But I’ll never find out.I think I know what I have to do.

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