Happy to be back in my sunlit room in Earlsdon, scoffing tea and cake as per usual. Enjoying the peace before the rush of university life begins tomorrow.

I didn’t actually realise until after making dinner with Seb last night quite how many puddings and cakes I have to share with you… well, significantly less now that he has been at them actually! πŸ˜€ I must have been on a bit of a rampage!

First of all, it was Henry’s (my brother’s) birthday and… however odd this is going to sound… he’s not that bothered about cake! As in, large slabs of sponge just don’t really do it for him. So although I had a few designs for cake decoration coming on, I decided I’d prefer to make something he’d actually enjoying eating.

So I asked: what is your favourite type of cake/pudding/sweet snacky thing? And the reply, as I had anticipated: sticky toffee pudding.

How do you make sticky toffee pudding fit for a birthday? I decided that you make sticky toffee pudding cupcakes, with butterscotch sauce and crushed pecans! So simple, but soo popular (as I discovered when I opened the tin to my friends in Earlsdon…)


However, once the baking started, I just couldn’t help myself but try out something else I had been desperate to try for a while… do you remember Mr Kipling’s French Fancies? Super-sweet cubes of sponge topped with a dollop of butter icing, covered in fondant and zig-zagged with chocolate? Well for some reason I wanted to make my own! Especially after coming across these absolutely beautiful lemon and rosemary ones on a food blog. Mine certainly don’t come up to this level in decoration, but I still enjoyed having a go.

So I chose a lemon drizzle sponge cake base, buttercream mixed with blueberries (which were on 89p at tesco!), and coloured fondant over the top. I have to say… its virtually impossible to actually cover the cakes with fondant the way I wanted to. Believe me, I tried! But they still look great with just the top covered, and the piped chocolate really finished them off. Surprisingly, they really do resemble the originals!


But the question remains – what am I scoffing right now?

When I made the icing for the Sticky Toffee Cupcakes I had rather a lot of butterscotch sauce left over, as it was runnier than I anticipated. I decided that when I got back to uni, with just a pot of cream, digestives, and a couple of bananas I would be able to make a Banoffee pie, just for me and my friends. But instead of using caramel I would substitute this butterscotch sauce, which actually did thicken up enough to use as icing eventually. As a result… I’m never using caramel again! I christen it: Banutterscotch Pie!


Basically… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Wait… where did my tea go? Better go and put the kettle on again.

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