Teapot Wisdom
That combination of excited, intimidated, inspired, overwhelmed and constantly craving more tea that only happens at the beginning of term.
The first couple of weeks of university are always quite overwhelming for people like me (this might include other joint honours students!). I find out that I have clashes, insane amounts of work, high expectations, poor timetabling (although my timetable isn’t too bad this year, thank heavens!).
I think it’s important to remind myself daily of my priorities and calming thoughts, as university worries can quickly become a habit that clouds my mind. I keep a journal of positive ideas, do exercise every day, and stay organised – but more on these another time. Today is a little silly but fun idea.
Teatime Aphorisms
Most people enjoy aphorisms and quotes that keep us thinking positively. Well what better place to remind you of them regularly than… on your teapot (or teacup)! I found a big white 4-cup teapot in a charity shop (I think originally it was from Sainsbury’s) and realised that it could be drawn on with a dry-wipe marker! I knew that my experience of being a teacher would come in handy some day.
The idea came from the Twinings facebook page in fact, where they had a teapot sporting the phrase “Hello, Is it TEA you’re looking for?”. This made me chuckle! Do you have any favourite tea-related aphorisms or jokes?
Teapot humourRemember the tea kettle – it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!  ~Author Unknown
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