Finally I now have the incentive needed to get back to the Red Velvet Girls’ 6 week workshop (I’m about 2/3rds of the way through but I had to stop during exam time) and this is the page I created last night. I love it! On opening my box of paints, I found an unopened large pack of ‘Gouache’ paints I had never used, so I decided to have a go. The colours are fantastically bright, which I love, and bleed the way watercolours do.

One of my frustrations when it comes to drawing is finding a style to draw people. I’m much better at inanimate objects! The little image of me in the journal is a copied style from the journal prompt. Soon, I’d really like to find my own style and I’m thinking of asking my brother to help, as he’s incredibly talented at drawing from his imagination.

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