What a couple of weeks it has been! When I say that home life and university life is a contrast… well after a couple of weeks of being snowed into a tiny Cotswold town without really doing anything much, coming back to university is an explosion of organising events with our Food Society, seeing lots of friends, going to salsa, “sorting my life out” (including travelling to the other side of Coventry just to get my post!), getting used to new modules, and starting art classes again!


The ‘Good Food Society’ is one of the larger responsibilities I have this year. Despite thinking to myself at the start of the year “well, if I don’t start the society up again then it will just fizzle away with no one running it, so even if I run it really badly it’s worth having a go” … of course as soon as you get into something you feel pressured to do things well for the members, the exec team, trying to make it look good next to the many amazing other societies at Warwick University…


Well our latest project culminated (last Monday in fact!) in the long-awaited (we had been talking about it since the beginning of the year) Warwick University Bake-off!! An event which was obviously particularly exciting for me since baking is one of my favourite pastimes.


And I have to say, thanks to the great team of people who are running this society with me, which resulted in the fantastic turnout we had (… and I’m so proud to have found such a good mix of people running and attending our events! ahhh *sigh*) it was a HUGE success. Perhaps our biggest success so far.


It was just such a magic formula… people got into groups to bake something, got given a little flag which they then, after an hour and a half of tasting everyone’s delicacies and socialising, stuck it into their favourite product. Perhaps what surprised me most is that no-one brought the same thing as anyone else either! (though we did have banoffee cake, banoffee cake, and banoffee cupcakes… but did I hear any complaints??!).


And the winning prize went to…. my friend Serena! Which was fantastic, as cooking and baking is a very new experience for her since she started university. But when she turned up with a tray of warm brownies, flags began to multiply… But what is the prize? Well it’s in the post currently still being made, so I will have to keep you waiting for that one!

My favourite had to go to the “Ninjabread” because, firstly, the pun was so good (puns make cakes taste better I’m sure of it), plus it was great gingerbread and I’m very much a fan of spiced biscuits!


Unofficially, the weirdest prize has to go to the crazy blue cupcakes which surprisingly tasted really nice!

The prize for unsubtlety goes to Seb for his tiffin which was iced with “VOTE SEB” on the top! Apparently it succeeded in brainwashing a few people, but unfortunately not enough to win the exec prize πŸ˜› Which went to Sarah’s banoffee cupcakes.


My own addition was a new attempt at macarons… and my best so far! Apart from a little cracked on the top, which didn’t happen last time, (but I blame wholly on our terrible oven!) they were flat, and pretty… and this weekend I bought myself a special macaron book with the last of my Waterstones vouchers so can finally make deliciously exotic flavours! Exciting. Though annoyingly, its reviews on amazon aren’t good… but I’ll be the judge of that soon enough!

Since the week quietened down after Wednesday, it has been nice to FINALLY spend a whole day doing artwork, relax a bit, and even just completely waste a weekend doing nothing (I never do this!) apart from seeing the impressive Marriage of Figaro put on by the opera society, meeting some friends for coffee and making soup (my favourite Rustic Carrot Soup, with added Tom Yum paste!). Perfect. Stay tuned for the next Good Food Society madness. Its looking to be an exciting term!


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