Like waking up to a sprinkling of snow outside my window.

Snow in Coventry

Well I’ll be blowed… it does snow in the city sometimes! Perhaps if we had a foot or so I could roll down this roof from my window and straight into it?! Really enjoyed seeing this this morning and then getting distracted, delving into the beautiful pictures of my home town in the snow for a while.As Dorset Cereals promotes “the best things in life are usually simple” (please keep your jokes to yourself about me being one of these things… thank you). So here is one of my simple, weekend pleasures: my breakfast tray. And yes, that is Dorset cereals muesli, onto box #2 now, ‘Simply Fruity’ which is my second favourite after ‘Super Cranberry, Cherry and Almond’.

A bit of breakfast

And finally, in between all the other distractions from my essay-researching day, I’ve started having ideas for creative projects for the Christmas holidays. I miss being more creative, but half of being creative is having ideas – and essays certainly don’t keep that at bay!

Blackboard lists...

So finally tomorrow I will have an evening in, to myself, for the first time in about a week and I can’t wait to just enjoy a few simple pleasures. I love being busy, and next week looks even more exciting than the one just passed, impossible as it seems. But it also makes you appreciate the quiet time so much more.
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