Weekend 20-21 (27)
It has been a busy, noisy, hectic, exciting, chaotic, productive, creative and inspirational weekend down at the Fothergill’s house! Yesterday I spent the entire day helping a friend to make her own earring display frame, since she was so impressed with the one I made, and it looks fantastic – more blogging about this later in the week when we have added the finishing touches!
Weekend 20-21 (18)
(I painted my nails blackberry colour. This makes me happy!)
But more about that baking that I mentioned before. MMMmmm. It was good. There’s nothing left but a teeny weeny tartlet. I had some pots of blackberries & elderberries that I foraged with my mother on saturday, and I was really excited about making some tarts – not creme patissiere but baked tarts this time – and I sped down to the Cotswold Store to get creme fraiche, only to find… they don’t have it. Well, I suppose I wasn’t exactly surprised. Just in denial.
However, I grabbed some cream thinking I could probably whip something up. And whip something up I did… white chocolate mousse with blackberries & elderberries! It’s soft, light and oh, so yummy. But wait… I made a culinary typo. I made Moose not Mousse!
Weekend 20-21 (25)
They’re like little Moose that have got stuck under a snow drift aren’t they? They would be really lovely for Christmas time in fact! Unfortunately I just can’t find the recipe I used anywhere in my internet history, but it was a fairly straight forward if a little fussy mousse/moose made with whisked egg whites, folded into egg yolks/melted white chocolate and then folded into softly whisked cream. The elderberries especially give it a lovely tart taste that works perfectly with white chocolate!
Once I bought my creme fraiche the next day I also finally made tarts, based on a James Martin recipe which was originally for gooseberries.
Weekend 20-21 (8)
And mum made bramble jam from the apples & blackberries we picked from the exciting new DK “Jams & Chutneys” book we bought. Leafing through this, I feel like I could happily spend the next couple of months just making jam, chutney, and other foraged concoctions! It’s a very very good book! Raspberry curd is particularly appealing to me…
It has been a very productive weekend and I have lots more to blog from my sketchbook too! Next weekend is going to be a busy one travelling & going to the last parties of the summer, so it’s nice to have time catching up on my creative ideas. I’m so in the swing of making things right now! Speaking of parties though, I’m also insanely excited about doing a French party, to see friends from home before I go off to France and they go back to uni – and transforming our kitchen into a French Cafe, and doing lots and lots of baking! Croquembouche, macarons, tarts…
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