The apron ! I have to say, this year’s ‘Vice-President’ Jimmy did a good job – the Warwick logo & our names & positions are embroidered on, and the black is rather smart. Though perhaps a little less so since I didn’t manage to take a photo before I covered it in flour and batter!
I’m not going to dwell on the fact that this is the most horrible two weeks of the year, despite the beautiful weather. Instead, I’m going to show you the delicious food that is keeping me sane throughout the exam period! I have to admit, especially for students, Seb and me eat well. We generally take it in turns to cook for each other (with days in between where we eat cheaper food too sometimes, or rather when Seb eats mega-spicy food and I eat sausages!). Yesterday was Seb’s turn, and he cooked a mung-bean dahl with poppadoms and his (very spicy!) chutney to dip them in…
I helped fry the poppadoms, it’s the first time I have not just bought them! (these are phone photos as I didn’t have my camera)
Then tonight, even though I have exams in a couple of days, I decided I fancied one of my favourite foods since I had a lot of stir-fry vegetables in the fridge… vegetable tempura with sweet chilli noodles … yum! I used a very simple recipe (225ml water, one egg, 100g flour) which recommends using iced water so you get a really nice crisp batter. I actually ended up adding lots more flour as I think I overdid the water, but the thicker batter worked well.
This is my other current obsession (apart from dinners which involve a lot of oil!)… I found them in a CostCutter in Coventry and thought it was a genius idea…
.… Tiramisu Cake Bars! I have to try and make these, they’re soo nice.
... posh Pringles. I need more of these…
… And this “detox” tea which I was given and had ignored for a while, since I usually really don’t like the taste of aniseed. However, this tea is actually very soothing and pleasant!
So exams start Friday. And then end next Thursday. And then… I’m looking forward to get baking again :).
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