The Coventry-based, gypsy jazz collective the One-Two-Trio take to the Cotswolds (that’s me, Dario, Yuri, Dom & Meropi – minus a couple of our rhythm sections members sadly!) for a weekend to play with friends! Jo & Dave of Fiddlebop (Fiddlebop on youtube) make an appearance, as do many Fothergills (Chris, Gill & Henry), and Truffle the doglet (who also has a facebook page!!).

This video is us jamming together – trying to alter music at some points so that we can play in the same key as Fiddlebop, or sometimes playing each others’ tunes by ear, rather than being a rehearsed performance. What fun! Truffle wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it all, but she preferred to stick close to us anyway. There was a little more ukulele and accordion playing during the evening than is shown here – I might have to ask our ‘editor’ Tim nicely to see if he has any of this that can be uploaded at a later date. For now, enjoy the mayhem! I have listed the track times below in case you would like to skip through…

Music (in order): Petite Fleur, Honeysuckle Rose (2:05), Claire (4:43), Misty (7:10), Dario & Meropi blues! (8:08), Take Five (9:12), (Truffle loving the music and attention – 12:17), Beautiful Love (14:06), aaandd… The Pink Panther Gypsy style! (14:57).

Edited by @StormhunterGame / Stormhunter Gaming on youtube

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