Apple, blackberry and elderberry harvest
Pickings from the fields

So to continue the current food-themed postings… here are the results of some true autumn foraging. And as with many things which I might otherwise not look forward to – the coldness of autumn, the dark onset of winter, tacky capitalist Christmas and other such holidays, university stress and work… food is the part which redeems the less look-forwardable qualities (no, that is not a word. but you know what i mean) of the approaching season. It means apple and blackberry crumbles/tarts/pies, hearty soups, cheap sweetcorn, winter vegetables, mince pies, pumpkins, mulled wine, hot chocolate, spiced biscuits…

And the best part of all: it doesn’t cost much. Apart from the fact that corn on the cob is 4 for Β£1 at the moment (I’m far too excited about this), as I mentioned yesterday food is falling for free from trees and bushes right now! The neighbour’s apple tree is weighed down with fruit (on our side of the fence!) which would otherwise go to waste. Blackberries, one of my favourite foods ever, are everywhere, and elderberries are delicious warmed with cold stewed apple. I even found Marjoram growing by the road, so dug some up and potted it for my herb collection! And my boss gave me a little present of fresh yeast, and her top-secret personal bread recipe (which I’m not to reveal, even under torture – so don’t ask!). People don’t believe me when I say I’m stingy when it comes to money, because I don’t seem to skimp on food. Well this is my secret. Seasonal produce. Foraging.

Home-made bread
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