Today I finally wrote my ‘Artist Statement’ for my project, which needs to be handed in in just over a week, and made some finishing adjustments to my sketchbook (which still needs a few more photos adding before I can share it). Having photographed all of the works from the project to document my progress, I think it’s time I shared some with you! After all, I have been promising for a while.

As a suitable accompaniment I recommend tea and these lovely cheesecake bars that I make from a recipe on this fabulous blog I found called ‘Bakerella’. Something tells me that I will be a frequent visitor from now on! Is there anything from her site you want to see me try and make? (In my own style of course!).
But first, let me introduce to you one of my favourite recent paintings, called “Not My Type”.
"not my type" painting
Originally I was going to call it ‘Fear of the Blank Page’, but I can’t resist a clever play on words. It is made with layers of paint, paper and newspaper, and I love it so much that it is currently featured on the wall opposite my bed! The typewriter is a 3-D assemblage of paper which I constructed in my art room during the first hour of class, to the surprise of my classmates and teacher who commented that I seem to just sit there and create wonderful things from nothing!
"not my type" close-up
You get special extra large photos of these today! I’m very excited to share them with you. It’s great to have my camera back too πŸ™‚ Even more excitingly, the final piece for the exhibition is finished, the artist’s statement is written… eek! I will share new drawings, paintings and sketchbook pieces with you later this week.
For now, enjoy a cup of tea and if you pop round I’d be happy to share some cheesecake with you! Seb might protest though, this is his piece…
ps. A new design coming soon, just finding my feet!
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