Truffle loves it when the humans take her on holiday with them. This doesn’t always seem to happen, for some reason. Apparently there are some humans that don’t like it when other humans’ dogs are present, which means that they have to be left at home with family members who have unfamiliar routines or, and admittedly this is Truffle’s second favourite thing after holidays, she gets taken to the wonderful world of Top Dog Day Care.

But Truffle’s favourite thing of all is going with the humans on their days out. As long as she gets to travel there in the Smart car of course. Truffle hates most other cars. Preferably, T10735486_1526628864247602_222703458_nruffle would go somewhere big, grassy and open, with lots of interesting smells, other dogs to run around with
and lots of pooch-friendly humans to beg treats from using her big, soppy spaniel eyes. Truffle’s owners told her that there was a man called Capability Brown who designed places just like this… so Truffle tolerated the car journey from the Cotswolds to get to Croome, even if it was a bit further than going to the Rollright Stones.

But when she arrived, all thoughts of icky car wooziness disappeared. This place is huge, thought Truffle! Let’s never go home. There were even doggie bowls to drink from, although she would have preferred to be allowed to swim in the lake and have duck for lunch. Still, there was plenty else to do… trees to climb into, volunteers to meet, butterflies to chase and scones to beg for. The humans should definitely eat these scone things more, they’re really good. Eventually however, Truffle got back into the car without too much fuss, because as good as Croome was it doesn’t have quite enough sofas and she wanted to check whether the hedgehogs were out on the patio. Hopefully the humans would take her back again soon though. She decided she likes Capability Brown very much.

DSC_0459 DSC_0468small truffle

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