Still madly preparing for the French party, but thought I’d give you a few peeks! I’m just having a tea-break, having just made around 70 choux buns and a lot of crème patissière. I have been desperate (have I mentioned that before?) to make a croquembouche, ever since I saw Raymond Blanc’s hilarious demonstration (I love zis so much I made it for my wedding… both of zem in fact!) and then the Masterchef challenge.
Yesterday was Truffle’s birthday, and she got a brand new squeaky goosie toy and lots of treats… and my mum has ordered some crazy toy in the post which makes 5 different noises. Madness! Here is Truffle unwrapping her present while wearing the wonderful French costume Seb & I made for her for tonight! I will do a DIY doggy coat post soon. You’ll love it!

Here is my little library of French books to have on display. I think I’m going to add a couple of French Asterix books too that I just found I have.



And finally, I’m so excited about doing a photo-booth corner, and Amelie style album! Oh, and my family & Seb have also been creating fabulous food, props, and contributing silly ideas of course. We do parties properly here. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Need to get back now, how I’m going to clear the kitchen is currently beyond me!

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