Autumn Truffles
Autumn Truffles Autumn Truffles Autumn Truffles Autumn Truffles
Tucked up in bed with Truffle the dog at my feet and my laptop, after a busy week of having a fabulous time with great friends, and I still have the taste of truffle at the back of my tongue. It has been a while since I reached for my bag of couveture but, after being presented with some lovely back-to-uni gifts from my equally lovely employers, I wanted to do something special in return.Of course, tired and wanting to unwind over some baking, both choosing chocolate-making and choosing to experiment with flavours could have proven a little risky. I’m prone to grumpiness when baking doesn’t go right. But you tend to find that even if something doesn’t quite go as planned, i.e. the pear purée as I should have already known is not intense enough for flavouring, there is usually a way to alter things. In this case, adding Amaretto to the mixture and rolling it in crushed sablé biscuit before sealing the dark filling with milk chocolate. The texture is more beautiful than the flavour as a result – the effect of the pear is that the centre is crumbly, and the biscuits with the chocolate give the truffles a knobbly finish. I ought to upload a picture of one cut in half…

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I’m not good at relaxing. But the taste of truffle, and images in my mind from the film ♥ Eat. Pray. Love. ♥ which I sneaked out and went to see on my own last night remind me of a couple of relaxing and inspiring evenings. Now… dreams are on the agenda.

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