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Yay, a successful whirlpool microwave-worthy pudding! And rather French-inspired, though with hints of the familiar Autumn traditions I miss from England – apple picking, spices, pies…

I went to dinner with some friends at the weekend and decided, since it was the second night I was being fed in a row, that I would try to bring a dessert. Which was a little risky considering that my last microwave sweets-attemps were less than successful. However the magical ‘crisp’ pan apparently cooks pastry very well! And it also bakes apples really well – and I just adore baked or stewed apples.

You could just as easily cook these in the oven. Here is the recipe: peel and core your apples, place in water with a few drops of lemon juice once you have done each, to keep the skin from going brown (thanks, Delia!). Mix up dried fruit, chopped dates, pieces of stem ginger, and whatever other goodies you find in your store-cupboard, and stuff into the centres. Sprinkle the apples with vanilla sugar and wrap in pieces of pastry any way you like. Brush the pastry with some beaten egg and bake until it has gone a lovely golden colour.

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One of my favourite bloggers also loves apples and autumn and made a similar recipe which helped me for ideas for this one. You can see hers here. Hers are a lot neater – I was in a bit of a rush this time unfortunately! I’m still struggling with not having internet too, but working to rectify the situation! Bear with me while I get everything sorted and please make sure you like the new facebook group (find the link on the left column) if you read this blog, to show your support and get updates! I will make sure that your dedication is rewarded… hehe! A bientôt…

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