Working in cafes… some days I wake up and just think, I don’t feel like I can work today, or can’t force myself to read another thing. But if I put on a comfy jumper & take myself to a cafe to work instead, I find that usually in this more relaxing environment with less distractions I can get on with something! Also, by using interesting but not so in-depth books about the subject like this one about “The Thirties”, you get a good overview of what your topics are about, while having an interesting read to take the pressure off a bit.
The coming storm flier

Relaxing evenings out… it gets too difficult to relax at home sometimes, there’s just too much work that I can see that needs doing! But going for a proper night out… well… I’m feeling a bit old these days & it takes me so many days to recover! So I’ve been seeing a lot of plays, music & performances (especially when I can get Β£5 student tickets for Warwick Arts Centre) including this totally crazy ‘Surrealist’ play called The Coming Storm. It weirded even me out! Decorating my room with all the fun things I’ve been doing this term (tickets, leaflets, photos) also reminds me of the fun things while I’m at home too.

Macaroni cheese
Good food… I confess that for the first time, I have really found this term that I’ve been resorting to quick dinners on campus between library sessions, convenience-food on bad days, take-out lunches between lessons… but as a general rule I still make sure I’m cooking myself something at home most of the time. This is my posh-macaroni-cheese, which I made in large quantities and stowed some away in the freezer, along with some other ‘home-made ready meals’ like fish cakes. I’m building up my emergency supply!
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