Aubergine bake
After a manic week of working, wonderful old friends visiting, packing and moving I have finally arrived in our long-awaited lovely Earlsdon house. First priority: food – and we are so excited at having a proper dining room table (which is actually really nice for a student one!) compared to last year, which consisted of a galley kitchen and no table at all. This means one thing – dinner parties all the time! And after my parents and the dog left after helping me carry stuff upstairs and hanging lots of pictures (ah, the usefulness of a picture-framing-father!) I went downstairs to find I had been cooked dinner by a house-mate. Bliss! So in return, last night I made one of my favourite dishes – Melanzane Parmagiana, an aubergine bake (see Delia’s Complete Cookery course), with home-made bread (by your truly of course) and even home-grown parsley! Finished off with a caramelised apple “Tarte Tatin”, made with apples picked from the garden (the rule is… if they grow on your side of the fence they’re yours!)
Aubergine bake

Happy housemates! – Happy housemates/friends with apple tart!

I also have another little foodie item to share – which is the present I made for my employers from the Patisserie as a leaving present, after being presented with a lovely card, wine, bath stuff and a huge box of tea-bags on Saturday! Home-made meringues and truffles, in a box I covered with cupcake paper. And for the first time, I managed to make the meringues gooey inside by cooking them for an hour on a low heat, then dipped them in chocolate. The final picture is the promised, defaced version of my black-board drawing from the other day. My father has just discovered the facebook “like” function, and has promptly gone around the house, writing “like” on every item available…

Present, meringue and truffle box

Present, meringue and truffle box Blackboard- defaced

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