Our friends from Warwick TV (namely Lawrence Hunt) have put together some footage from our Valentine’s Chocolate Workshop to make a short film clip! I confess that I squirm a bit at how much there is of me talking, but I love the part where it cuts to everyone trying to put their piping bags together. This was from the first half of the evening which was slightly more manic due to the fact that we were trying to get everyone finished and another session in two hours later!
Here are a few photos to remind you of the action:
Including me getting kidnapped to talk on camera ! Eek !
I have run several of these workshops of various sizes (our Valentine’s one had about 15 people at each session, though the largest one I ran had about 23 participants making Easter eggs… now that was a challenge!!) and I’m going to miss not doing this while in France next year. Still, who knows where these skills might take me….
… ahem!

Speaking of chocolate, here’s a completely typical Fothergill-family/Blue Peter style DIY project that my dad made as a present for the Royal Wedding party my parents went to. I had been wondering why all the newspapers at home had big holes in the pages…

Kate & William Wine and Chocolates!
Stay tuned for Forages and Finds’ first ever giveaway soon, and also news of what I have been foraging in the trees for recently…
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