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A wellbeing walk in Whichford, Warwickshire. That’s quite a mouthful. There was something rather magical about this short walk today though, so I wanted to recommend it if you need somewhere to go in the North Cotswolds on quiet, summer evening. The grassy fields shimmered in the wind, and there was the kind of sunlight that lit up the field with a dark sky behind. I have pinched this portion of an OS map below – if you click on it, it will take you to a leaflet of suggested walks someone has helpfully created.


We have often walked from Great Rollright to Whichford, which is a considerable round trip, but this evening I found a very small circular walk with some beautiful views. Start off parking near the green in the centre of the village (where the phone box is indicated) and then walk west, on the diamond-indicated ‘Macmillan way’. Once you get to the top of the hill, on the edge of the woods, take that straight path back east which passes by Doctor’s barn. Then you simply follow one of the left turns which takes you back down into the village.

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The walk takes you through a field of wild flowers – which included this beautiful ‘Common Spotted’ Orchid. Then you walk into the woodland with the wonderful woody, pungent smell of ferns and a really dramatically hilly descent to your right. Climbing up takes you to a ridge with lovely views back over Whichford, and an easy straight track. Truffle loves this walk.

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