Bizarrely I genuinely think I work better when I have other things going on a . Perhaps if I take a break from essay research and make amaretti biscuits then when I’m actually doing my research I concentrate better, having had a break. Or perhaps I’m just enjoying eating them so much that I’m not so worried about essays any more. Either way, as a student with one and a half weeks of term to go, very little money and too much to do, I had a look in my baking cupboard and found I had ground almonds – and therefore only needed to buy eggs and some almond essence (Amaretto next time definitely, when I have the money of course!) to make this very quick recipe. Perfect.

Over Christmas I want to have a go at biscotti now. Oh, and in the background you can just see my teapot and strainer – I’m currently enjoying some proper leaf tea. Although the real reason for this is that it was on offer in the Co-op and I didn’t notice that it was leaf tea! Still, it will probably last me a while, and I’m enjoying the ritual of pot and strainer.

Last weekend I sort of did the opposite – I found that I had a cauliflower in my fridge and thought, “I know, I’ll make cauliflower soup – then I only need to buy another couple of ingredients” and then went and spent Β£15 on ridiculously unnecessary ingredients including cranberries, wine, Gorgonzola and red wine vinegar and promptly made the best soup ever!


The soup in question is more specifically known as Cauliflower and Gorgonzola soup with pickled pear relish. The relish was the bit I was most excited about… I’m a bit obsessed with chutneys, pickles and relishes since I discovered them about a year ago. Though I have been warned by my boss (a pastry chef) that once you start making you can get a bit carried away and end up with jars and jars of the stuff… pity…


So if you love strong flavours, this soup will blow you away. It’s fantastic! I found it in the BBC Good Food Magazine from October – will post it up when I get the chance.

The really unusual part of the soup-eating experience was that I was brought a fabulous Indian dish the same evening by Seb called “Khichdi-kadhi” – also known as ‘India’s comfort food’, though this recipe has been adapted by a family in South Africa to make it even more different! So we ate both meals together – a sort of double dinner full of amazing flavours!


For now, I will go back to my reading about Dutch painting (just one essay to go before the end of term now!) and leave you with a the great coverage that Warwick TV did of our Good Food Society Mexican/Day of the Dead social! You’ll find us about 2 mins 30 secs in. Enjoy.

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