Just in case you missed out this month, I’ve been cooking up some lovely things, including – my favourite post this month – a little video montage of the delicious Apple Crumble & Custard Bars, with the help of my brother’s great eye for video shots. This is going to be a new feature – little step-by-step film montages to whatever music I’m in the mood for. Hooray!

The bars themselves got their own post – they’re a great, unusual alternative to cakes or biscuits, and I prettified them with my own twist on decoration. Nom nom nom. The recipe came from my “Cookie and Biscuit Bible”. I found it under the chapter “Revelations”… (ok, I’m joking, it made me laugh anyway!!)

Popular post of the month – my little invented ‘Dragon Dodger’ biscuits for a friend’s birthday…

And finally, some REAL foraging in the bushes produced results in the form of these colourful plum tarts.

For August I have lots of plans! I’m finally home for a good amount of time (it feels like I have been alternating between travelling and unpacking all month!!) and I have a long list of post ideas already, including WOMAD food update, a rather special celebration, more birthday cakes, some sketchbooking, another go at flapjacks, creative projects… well… you’ll just have to wait and see!

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