I present to you … Buried Bunny Cake! Appropriate for an Easter birthday I felt… I discovered the design from Pinterest (ahh, so many wonderful ideas there, so little time!) and had to have a go… I thought it was hilarious.


Inside is a basic carrot cake… well come on, it had to be really! I baked it in a single round tin, but decided it needed a bit more height and so cut the circle down a bit and used the off-cuts to build an extra small central layer – stuck on with melted apricot jam.

Buried Bunny Cake!

Everything else is made from a huge amount of icing! Coloured by myself, (and my hands ended up rather coloured too actually…) stuck onto the cake with melted apricot jam, and decorated with green butter icing piped on with a star-shaped nozzle at the end. My family tell me that we also have a new garden resident who lives under the shed too! So cute…
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