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Charlton Park’s WOMAD is my type of adventure. And perhaps not-so-surprisingly, when I found the ‘Taste the World’ tent which featured a cooking demonstration lead by a different artist from the festival three times a day, I spent the best parts of my day watching and tasting their cooking, listening to their stories and watching them perform and feeling more moved and inspired than I would have simply seeing them on stage. Also, just a minor note, but one of the assistant chefs on stage looked exactly like Johnny Depp from Chocolat – unbelievably so! Anyway.Dobet GnahorΓ© made a real impression on me, both her music and her story – and her DANCING which has to be seen to be believed! So much life, so much energy and so much talent!
A Finnish duo, Lepisto & Lehti, were also hilarious and so…. Finnish! It made me miss our friends in Finland so much. I don’t think anyone in the tent quite understood why I was laughing so much at everything they said – it’s just the accent which is so familiar and so special.

Of course, my favourite place to be at WOMAD is the Tiny Tea Tent – solar powered tea in a proper mug at any time of the day. I finished the day here, with my journal and a cup of Chamomile and Vanilla tea, listening to the Afro-Celt Sound System.

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